About Us

Is Our’s an Holistic Approach?

Just as spiritual leaders and physicists tell us, we are all connected in an ever- changing sea of subtle energies.

The analogy with the World Wide Web is obvious, with terminals becoming the individuals; with words and images flowing freely; and the gurus being the IT technicians. It’s supposed to happen with some sort of reason behind it. But, more often than not, when social media and politics get mixed, the reason and rationale seems to get lost.

To create good results on the net, we need to make sense of it all, with all the skill, common sense and good intent we can muster – while adapting to its ever-changing nature. Perhaps it needs to be holistic.

Actually, through our own twist of fate the three of us, Kerry Stewart, Barry Richard (his Oz name) and Ashley Brunner have got together, because it made sense in order to create good internet results .

Our Vision

Barry brings the skill, with built in economy and efficiency from his homeland. He has an extremely high level of IT skill, well developed while working almost exclusively in the Australian IT industry over (???) years. His range of skills make possible all that is offered on the site. Yet Barry has found himself restricted to his homeland of India, while maintaining his personal desire to continue to work in the Australian IT industry.

Kerry and Ashley have the business skills and structure from their Government contracting experience, for the 15 years prior to returning home to the Julies Websolutions. And each had had full lives prior to that: Kerry is the holder of an Arts degree and Masters in Art Therapy. She can bring a sharp eye for best colour and aesthetics, with an expert knowledge of human relations. Ashley brings his wordsmith skills from a full career as an official Court and Parliamentary Reports Editor.

It was an obvious fit: We should host Barry in order to maintain his Australian presence, his skill not lost to Australia, with attendant efficiency and economy from his own support team at home. Then we bring it together with Kerry and Ashley providing administrative assistance to Barry’s obvious tech skills; and, when required, consult for all the right words and images to provide the local flavour and realise our customer expectations over the World Wide Web